Configure Facebook Channel for omnichannel :Dynamics 365 Customer Service

To enable Facebook channel Integration, we need a Facebook Account and Facebook page from where customers will view the social post and share the likes/comments.

The Facebook page needs to be associated with a Facebook App. The necessary configurations needs to be performed on Facebook App. Once done Channel configurations need to be done on Omnichannel App.

Facebook App – Prerequisites:

Login to

  • Create app, which is automatically set to Dev Mode
  • Begin testing with your own assets, and compile the assets required for App Review
  • Submit for necessary permissions/features in App Review
  • After completing App Review, switch your app to “Live”
Facebook App with Facebook Page Configured
Enable Permission for pages messaging feature
  • Configure a work Stream for Facebook channel.
  • Enable Rule set.
  • Associate Queue to which the messages need to be assigned.
  • Enable Work Distribution mode to push.
  • Set the Agent Status during which Agent can received the notification in Allowed Presence Section.
Work Stream for Facebook channel
Configure Rules to receive notification

Configure Facebook page in omnichannel App:

  • Create a Facebook Page with Page ID defined in Facebook App.
  • Page Name should match the configuration in Facebook App.
  • Page Access Token in generated from Facebook App.
  • Associate Work Stream and Facebook Application(Channel).
Facebook page with Page Id from developers Facebook section

Facebook Application:

  • In Omnichannel App, Configure the Facebook Application. Application Id is the Facebook App ID.
  • Associate the Facebook page created in above screen shot. System generates a callback Uri and Token ( verify Token in below screen shot)
  • The Callback Uri and Token from above step needs to be updated in Facebook App -> Web hooks section.

Configure Channel Integration Framework

  • To receive push notifications from Facebook page Channel Integration framework needs to be configured and associated to Omnichannel App.
  • Now all steps are configured successfully to exchange communication between Facebook and Omnichannel live chat. Below are the sample screens in Omnichannel App when Agent receives incoming notification.

Author: Devikumari Krishna

I am a Solution Architect in Dynamics 365|PowerApps platform. I provide Architectural consulting for Microsoft Power Platform, Dynamics 365 CRM Cloud, On-Premise, CRM 2016, 2015 and earlier version.

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