Configure WhatsApp channel in Omnichannel for Customer Service


Please go through my post on Enable Omni Channel for customer service. To set up WhatsApp Channel, logon to Omnichannel Admin Center App as a Omni Channel Admin. Navigate to Channels and choose WhatsApp.

Choose the provider – TeleSign or Twilio where you have activated the Phone Number to receive WhatsApp Chat. In this post I will demonstrate with Twilio account.

Login to Twilio Account and copy the Account ID and Token.

Copy the Account SID and Auth Token from the Twilio Account. Update the Provider information in Omnichannel App and click on next.

Add WhatsApp Numbers to this account to send messages.

Copy the callback URL from next step and update in the Twilio Account.

Return to Omni channel Admin center App and create a work stream for WhatsApp Channel.

WhatsApp Channel

Set up WhatsApp Channel within Workstream.

Choose the WhatsApp number configured from Twilio Account.

Phone Number Activated from Provider

Set the Channel Operating hours in Behavior screen.

Set up the user behaviors.

Set up Routing Rule:

Review the Work Distribution setting. Enable Push Notification to yes and set the Agent capacity unit. Configure Skillset for Agent if we need to route the WhatsApp message based on Agent skill set.

Create a simple Rule Set and route the WhatsApp to right Queue.

Copy the Callback URL from Omnichannel App to Twilio Account.

Now test the connection by sending test messages to the Agent Mobile No configured in WhatsApp Workstream.

Author: Devikumari Krishna

I am a Solution Architect in Dynamics 365|PowerApps platform. I provide Architectural consulting for Microsoft Power Platform, Dynamics 365 CRM Cloud, On-Premise, CRM 2016, 2015 and earlier version.

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